Jose Mariano Gago (1948-2015)

With great sadness we learnt that the founding president of the Initiative for Science in Europe, Jose Mariano Gago, has passed away on 17 April 2015. Jose Mariano has worked in Lisbon, Paris and at the CERN in Geneva as a high-energy physicist. From 1995 to 2002 and 2005 to 2011 he served as minister for science and research in Portugal. He was responsible for a number of measures to put Portugal on the map as an research location. At EU-level, within the council of ministers, he has been a strong supporter for shaping a European Research Area, for example with the Gago-Biltgen report on human resources in 2009.

Mariano Gago has served as the first president of ISE in 2004 for one year before he became minister again. Until recently, he actively followed has the developments in research policy and always been of great help behind the scenes. His decease is a great loss for ISE and the scientific community.